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Preparing for CLAT in the Final 10 Days The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is right around the corner. With only 10 days left before D-day, now is the time for focused preparation to maximize your chances of getting into your desired law school. Here’s a strategic plan to ace CLAT in the crucial home stretch:

Take a Diagnostic Test In these final 10 days, start with taking a timed diagnostic test using previous years’ CLAT question papers. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and work on areas that need improvement. This will give you clarity on topics to prioritize.

Focus on Speed and Accuracy With the final test date nearing, your focus needs to shift from concept clarity to speed and accuracy. Do more practice questions against the clock to simulate real test conditions and get used to answering correctly within the allotted time.

Master Current Affairs Since almost 25-30 questions in CLAT are from current affairs and general knowledge, pay special attention to this section. Go through the last 3-6 months of current affairs using monthly digests/GK refresher books. Brush up on static GK with quizzes. Keep 2 hours daily for current affairs revision.

Attempt Mock Tests

Mock tests are important for assessing your readiness and stamina for the final exam. Attempt at least one mock test daily and analyze them to identify areas needing improvement. CLAT Consortium’s official mock and previous years’ papers are the most authentic sources.

Hone Analytical and Logical Skills Sharpen critical thinking and logical reasoning skills by solving puzzles, brain teasers, and analytical questions from previous CLAT papers. Attempt a few questions daily rather than postponing this time-consuming section for later.

Relax Your Mind With so much to do in little time, don’t stress yourself excessively. Take short breaks between study sessions, meditate, listen to music, exercise, or do whatever helps you unwind. A relaxed mind with clarity of thought works best under pressure.

Control Social Media Use

It’s natural to feel like escaping to social media during crunch time. But beware of going overboard as it eats away precious minutes and hours from your preparation. Limit scrolling to half an hour daily maximum.

Trust Your Hard Work With thorough preparation as per the above tips, you should feel confident. Avoid last-minute cramming. Sleep well and eat healthy food before the CLAT. Trust your preparation and give it your best shot. Consistency and self-belief are key to cracking CLAT in the final stretch.

I hope these CLAT preparation tips for the last 10 days prove helpful. Feel free to reach out for any other assistance before your exam. Best of luck!


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